My Pink Hair Experiment

My Pink Hair Experiment

My pink hair experiment! Β Hope it’s ok to post a non-photog post today! Β πŸ™‚

I have been wanting to try a crazy color in my hair for quite a while. Have you ever had that feeling? Like – I NEED to do something different + fun + a bit crazy with my hair soon or someone is going to get hurt! πŸ™‚

Eventually I’d like to have a more permanent pink hair color (not all of it – just the underneath layer) but I wasn’t sure if pink (or maybe purple) would even look good with my natural color of hair.

Here’s me with my natural hair:

woman with brown hair







So in walks my pink hair experiment.

For my first attempt, I thought I’d go with something very washable and pretty simple to apply. I went into the store (Salon Brands if you want to know) and the girl there helped me decide on the best option for this first attempt. This Color Me by Giuliano (professional temporary hair colour) in Orchid. Regular price is $9.99 but these are on sale right now for 30% off, so I picked it up for 7 bucks. Β I found it on Amazon for $6.45, and they also had a ton of color options so that may be a good place to look if you’re interested. Β πŸ™‚ Β With their Amazon Prime membership (try it here for free for 30 days)Β you could get it with free shipping in 2 days, so that’s cool! Β They had several colors to choose from and even had gold which I think would be so much fun!







I pulled my hair back & secured it with a clip first – the girl at the store said it would color any hair it touched, so I separated out the section I wanted pink + clipped back the rest…even my bangs. Β πŸ˜‰

woman with brown hair







The color was fairly easy to apply but took longer than I wanted so that was kind of a bummer. It’s basically a mascara wand in the tube. You pull it out + apply it to your hair by running the wand through the section you want to color.

IMG_5041 woman coloring brown hair pink







This product is designed for coloring a streak of hair. You let it dry, then comb it through to soften it. When I combed through my hair I noticed the color faded a little and there was dried color on my sink (which turned to liquid color when it got wet). It cleaned up ok, but I’m glad I didn’t brush it out over the carpet ;). So that’s something to keep in mind if you try it out.

The color did stain my hands (which I was warned about but I’m a rebel who colors her hair pink so whatever, right?) but the color is fading every time I wash my hands so it should be gone soon. Β πŸ™‚

pink hair color experiment







The finished product – I have a pink streak in my hair! It’s not as bright as I wanted, but it’s definitely not brown and it’s a little bit crazy, and was the goal, so yay! πŸ™‚


Even though I probably won’t try this type of product again, it’s a decent option if you want something temporary + easy to apply. I’d think it’d work better with shorter hair and probably a smaller section of hair.

The girl at the store said it will wash out in a few washes, so next week I’ll try a different method and post my results here for you to read. πŸ™‚ Β I’m thinking Kool-aid…

Have you ever tried a crazy fun color in your hair? I’d love to hear about your results in the comments below!



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